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Thread: Newbie taking on the RCA-4 challenge

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    Yeah as another newbie I have just got my RCA - 4 kit.
    There is another thing I am new to as well which is these kind of websites!
    Same issue with where the neck sits in the socket in the body. If I put the neck right down in the socket the pick guard and pick up don't fit as they are. I don't really want to start hacking the pick guard so what I am thinking of doing is setting the neck to suit the pick guard and pickup and then cutting some wood packing pieces and gluing them in place around the heel of the neck - therefore filling the gaps. This is a bit like one solution I have seen somewhere on the community where a filler had been used.
    I know that with "real" Rics the neck extends through the body so there will be a lot of rigidity from that and I am hoping that by using wood blocking pieces I can go some way to building mass and rigidity at where the neck joins the body.
    I measured the distance from the back of the nut to the crown of the 12th fret and on my RCA it's 17 inches dead so that's going to give me a scale length of 34 inches (2 x 17) and I will obviously position the bridge to suit. I am going to stay with the Pit Bull bridge - if things go well I can always change it later.
    Apart from that I am going to get a shielding kit from Allparts and still making my mind up about colour.

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    Good to know it measures up to a standard 34" scale and still leaves room for positioning the bridge.

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