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Thread: Gavmeisters ES-3

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    pro build mate, very nice, love the long anticipated truss rod cover, and i agree with Jarrod, those clear knobs are perfect

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gavin1393 View Post
    build is finished.....still to intonate however!
    Looking really great!! I am VERY interested in your amp collection! a list pretty please!!

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    Lovely example of an ES-3 Gav, great job and love the overall colour scheme. Fender G-Dec amp, I've got one of these tucked away in my workshop for guitar testing. Woke up the neighbours the other night....
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    Hey Gav you must have alot of business shirts - you are keen staining (painting as you call it) an axe wearing your business shirt, how many stain blotches did you get on the shirt ? hahah

    Each video you shoot without a PBG shirt is another month in the naughty warehouse DB just told me haha
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    Ha and he is also wearing a smart watch!!! Gav stop putting your money where your mouth is! Protect the watch with a truss rod cover!!

    I also heard him say he needs to go to the big green shed! How dare you Gav!
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