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Thread: RC-4 Bass

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    RC-4 Bass

    I got me an RC-4 Bass last month,and I'm pretty happy with it.
    I thought it'd be cool to finish it off with a mildly convincing Rickenbacker truss rod cover.
    I'm not sure if etiquette allows this(this is my 1st build),but if it does,would anyone know where I could get hold of one?
    I'm not looking to pass it off as a real Ricky or anything,its just for my personal amusement
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    GAStronomist stan's Avatar
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    try ebay

    also there are plenty of makers on ebay that can make one that looks the same, but says what you want, it could say Rickenbomber !

    Welcome to the forum

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    Cheers Stan

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    Overlord of Music
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    If you feel particularly arty, you could grab some printable waterslide decal paper from ebay (or your local model/hobby store if you want to pay entirely too much) and come up with your own design.
    'As long as there's, you know, sex and drugs, I can do without the rock and roll.'

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    cheers pablopepper
    That sounds a bit Arty Farty to me though mate,and I'm certainly more Farty than I am Arty

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    Not easy (Rickenbacker are pretty bloody hot on copyright infringement ),but I've located one
    Had to go as far as Mexico mind you!

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    You could also try I think I saw one being sold there some time ago. They are not so strict on copyrights in China... They also have all kinds of other usable stuff for this particular hobby. Although I'm with Pabs on making your own decal. After all it's your build so why not sign your own work? It doesn't have to be too arty - sometimes farty works.

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    I don't think putting a Genuine logo on your build is good or legal Idea even if it is just for your own amusement . There are a lot of fraud guitars out there and it really is not good practice.
    Do enjoy your build though it's a great choice of guitar.

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    I have to echo what others have said..

    It is your build so it would be best to come up with your own logo..

    Also, we would have to edit any photos you post if you have a Rickky logo simply because Rickenbacker are bloody nazis about thier intellectual property and we dont want any heat from them....

    There is always a workaround for glitches, mistakes and other Guitar building gremlins.....

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    I'm with the others on this I have some Fender Tele decals that I thought about putting on my first Tele build but it turned out so un Fender that it would be comical to fit now.

    One of my band mates suggested I call my builds ( King's ) Ransom Guitars as a play on my surname but that already exists so it is now Reign Guitars and I'm still working on the logo design.

    The same with the car I built, a Lotus Super 7 inspired sports car but it is completely my own design despite the similarity in profile so it is a Suthol VII ( Suthol being a contraction of Sutherland / Loftus the footy club my boys played for ).

    Enjoy your build and give it your own name.

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