G'day all,
Watching the forum, there have been a couple of special builds where builders have gone out of their way to reproduce a "Signature" guitar of a pretty awesome guitarist. Here I'm thinking of the two Frankenstrat builds, Gavmeisters Keith Urban collection and who can forget the mirror ball Iceman!

Working with Adam, we thought we'd come up with a spot to put all these "recipes". We'd encourage you to keep using the Build forum to track the build of the guitar, but where you have done some research into a specific guitar (what pickups, pots, caps, wiring diagrams, etc) that have been used in that guitar, we've set up a space to put all that down so that others can benefit from your research. Ultimately it would be great if we could start with a PBG model (STA-1 for example) and take it from there with pickups, etc. Recognising that ToneRiders and Entwistles aren't heavily used by commercial artists, don't be afraid to mention Seymour Duncans, Bartolinis (another of DB's pet hates) or Lindy Fralins. If there are some funky parts that are hard to source and you're willing to pass on this secret knowledge, that would be great to!

All the best with this new Sub Forum!