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Thread: robs ST-1L (Lyn #9) The Lefty

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    Weirdy you are fast becoming the Mr Fixit on the forum, well done.
    @ Rob if I do fix the truss rod on the bar guitar I'll still leave it up there, just means I can pull it down now and then, tune it and play it although strings maybe a bit rusty haha
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    Quote Originally Posted by WeirdBits View Post
    Did you hold it with the headstock up or down? Tapping up with the headstock pointing down should give you a slight gravity assist.

    Well, now you've got a happy brother and we've all got another technique for our 'Oh no, what now' repair & recovery toolbox. Good times.
    Hey Scott, I held it with the headstock up. I guess that the inertia of rod when I tapped the headstock just let it move up a bit. Yep, you can store that one away in your little bag of tricks for further use.

    Thanks again mate

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    Great rescue Robin - great support guys! Great to see this one restored to it's rightful beauty.

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