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Thread: PRS-1S Mystery Bag

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    yeah for sure Andrew, I built one of these probably 1.5 years ago and the cap had heaps of glue on it but you may be lucky. You won't find out till you run a damp rag over the cap. Thats the first thing I'd do when you receive it
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    Will do, thanks mate. Plan on doing something similar to this as the lp I just did but instead of 2k clear, ill probably naughty oil the neck, and I've got no idea in what finish to use for the body. Something low sheen, not a paint, that cures thin and durable. Completely open to recommendations.

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    sounds like you need to give Dingotone a try...

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    Yeah i was thinking that, and will probably go that route to be honest. Out of curiosity though, what other products would get me in the same ball park? Stuff that's more readily available. And with the colorless dt top coat, how many guitar bodies would you get from the one bottle.

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    I was thinking of using a bed liner product as a finish with a heap of poly sprayed over to give it that 3d look. Gonna try it out on a scrap wood piece first. But thought you might be able to use the idea.

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    This is amaing craftmanship.
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