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Thread: Andrews sta1

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    Wow...what a wicked figure. Love the finish. Awesome axe mate.

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    This is, as always, a great Walkertone guitar.

    Love the burnt look, and the awesome gloss you got going with it too. The only thing that could make it just that cut above is a darkened fret board. It looks a little washed out when in contrast to the vibrant, rich colours on the rest of the guitar.

    But, overall, a beauty for sure.
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    Thanks man. With you on the fb, but kind of felt staining it was cheating. Luck of the draw I guess. I got an unreal grain pattern on the body, but the fb was a bit lacking.

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    I should also add, this was an Easter egg kit I got for $70 so I'm not complaining. Maybe I'll give it a coat of Danish oil them wax it next time I have the strings of.

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