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Thread: Introduction to Dingotone

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    Hi Sam,

    Thats looking good. I'm about to try something similar and have just received my Dingotone in the mail and will experiment tomorrow.

    What black dye did you use and how far did you dilute it?


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    Hey Dennis,

    This my first attempt at staining a guitar, particularly trying to pop the flame.
    I used Feast Watson Prooftint from bunnings, first attempt (pic attached) 50/50 dye and metho... The pic posted yesterday was about 30 dye 70 metho. The maple was sanded to 220 prior to the dye by the way.
    Check out youtube that's where I got all my info on the actual process.


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    looks good Sam. Instead of using metho to thin the FW they actually sell a reducer that will reduce the colour, its not very expensive. But nice looking flame buddy
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    Yeah I was chatting to the dude at bunnings, I picked it up of the shelf and he said metho does exactly the same thing for less $$. But good suggestion, I don't know s#*t really about dyes... realised they are quite intense very quickly. So maybe try the FW reducer it's really not that expensive.

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    Iím still deciding on colour, is there a green similar to the colortone green?

    Or a deeper yellow than the butterscotch?

    If not, can I use the colortone then use the dingotone top coat to seal it?

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    Dingotone is an oil based stain and coats. I believe that colourtone is water based so I don't know if I would use dingotone as a final coat. You can use tru oil as a final coat if you wish over water based dyes and oil based dyes.

    There used to be a green dingotone but I cant see it on the site. If I were going for that emerald green colour I would used colourtone dyes or Keyda leather dyes.

    Dingotone Butterscotch comes with the butterscotch colour stain and a white coat and you blend them to get the colour you want so theoretically you can put less white base in and get a deeper yellow
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    Colortone comes either as a powder to mix with your choice of solvent, or you can get it pre-mixed either with water or with spirit. Either method should give a pretty permanent stain, though spirit stains seem to penetrate a bit further in my experience. You are best leaving the stain to dry for a couple of days, then use a wet rag (water or metho) to wipe over the surface to remove any loose stain.

    After that you should be able to apply dingo wax if you want, or any other finish of your choice. Any finish will contain some sort of solvent that will release a bit of the dye/stain, which doesn't really matter on single colours. But if you've attempted a stain sunburst, then don't rub the first finish coats on hard, or you'll get blurring of the stain colours.

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