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    All Standard Parts
    Walnut Stain with Tru-Oil finish
    Maple neck

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    Finished in Wudtone Dark Tease. Built by Dingobass. All parts standard.




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    Finished in Wudtone amber. All parts standard.

    Current Builds and status
    scratch end grain pine tele - first clear coat on !
    JBA-4 - assembled - final tweaks
    Telemonster double scale tele - finish tobacco burst on body and sand neck

    Completed builds
    scratch oak.rose gum Jazzmaster - assembled needs setup
    MK-2 Mosrite - assembled - play in
    Ash tele with Baritone neck - neck pup wiring tweaks and play in

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    Body finish - Amber
    Neck finish - Walnut
    Satin finish.

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    Finished in Dark Walnut

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    Nothing fancy from standard.

    Sealed with Feast Watson Timber Primer
    A light stain with Feast Watson Prooftint 'Old Baltic'
    Polished with several layers of a 50/50 mix of FW Fine Buffing oil and FW Clear Satin Varnish.
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    Here are two shots of my recently completed IB-5

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Basic details:

    Finish: Body - Feast Watson Jarrah stain + Tru Oil. Neck - Tru Oil. Applied Renaissance Wax once the Tru Oil had cured.
    Pickups - Bartolini (switchable between series humbucker, parallel humbucker, single coil), wired as 2 volume pots, single tone pot. Bourns pots.
    Gotoh tuners.
    Schaller 2000 bass bridge
    Copper shielding
    Bone nut
    Dunlop Strap Loks

    I started this build after Christmas 2016, but numerous competing demands meant that the build stretched out over several months.
    For anyone interested, I will share some build details here, in lieu of a build diary.

    The Build: The build was reasonably straightforward. I had no difficulty getting things to line up, and the neck was surprisingly easy to adjust. I spent time levelling the frets as recommended, and smoothing the fret tangs at the edges of the fretboard. Once the bass was assembled, I gave the fretboard a good drink of Guitar Honey.

    I encountered a few little traps along the wayÖ

    1 I had to route a rebate around the back pot cavity so that the cover would sit flush with the body. I did this carefully with a Dremel and a 3mm router bit. This was a bit of a pain.

    2 I had to route more of the pot cavity in order to make the floor more level and create a bit more space for electronics.

    3 The bridge I selected proved taller than stock, so I had to shim the neck to get a reasonable action. I located some nice 3mm thick maple veneer on eBay which, after careful shaping, worked perfectly.

    The Bartolini pickups are marginally smaller than stock, so I lined the sides of the pickup cavity with thin foam sheeting. This was a cosmetic consideration.

    Iíve wired the pickups with individual volume pots going into a single tone pot. I implemented switching options for the pickups, with a ON-ON-ON switch which selects parallel-coils humbucking, series-coil humbucking, and single coil (which Bartolini describes as similar to a Jazz Bass pickup). This arrangement does indeed yield audibly different voicings.

    Iím really delighted with the sound, and there's plenty of sustain.. I havenít played a bass for over twenty years, having long ago parted ways with my old bass and amp. I decided on a Fender Rumble 200 V3 amp, which is to my ears a very decent sounding system. Once my fingers are less clumsy, I might put up some sound bites.
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