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    1. Do you ship outside of Australia?
    A. Yes. we regularly ship to the USA, UK, Western Europe, New Zealand and South East Asia. The shipping price for one or more kits is $59.95 (Australian Dollars).

    2. Do the kits come with instructions?
    A. We include a Quick Start Guide to get you going, from there you will find complete video instructions and wiring diagrams on the site and a wealth of invaluable assistance on this Forum. We recommend you start a My Build Diary to document your build and, if you do encounter any issues, expert help will be available before you even ask.

    3. Can I swap a rosewood fretboard for a maple fretboard?
    A. Yes, maybe. Some options are available. Just email Adam your request and we'll let you know.

    4. The T-shirt I ordered is too small/big, can I exchange it?
    A. Sure. Just send us the shirt back along with a pre-paid, self-addressed Australia Post Express Post bag, and we'll send you another size at your request.



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    Adam, any chanceof a nice active 4 string bass kit soon ?

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    a good semihollow would do !

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    Order guitar kit,form says on back order, how will this affect delivery time at my end, it's a double cutaway solid body les Paul Jnr style? Thanks

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    Best to email Adam directly and ask, it will depend on shipping.

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    There's normally a 2-3 month period from an order for a list of guitars going to the factory to them arriving at Pit Bull. So unless it's a custom order, then it really depends how far long the time line the process is when you put your order in. So as Sonic says, email Adam as he should know roughly when they are due to arrive. The container swaps ships a couple of times, and bad weather can mean connections are sometimes missed, so delivery dates are never set in stone.

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