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Thread: Awaiting international departure

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    Awaiting international departure

    I've ordered my first kit and am very excited. I got the 7 string double bound explorer kit that was in the specials and seconds. I'm eager to find out how much Parcel force in the UK is going to sting me for in VAT and their charges and was wondering if anyone has experience with buying to UK and the tracking saying 'Cleared and awaiting international departure'? It said it on Wednesday and hope it takes off soon.

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    FWIW, I just got a neck. The tracking system in Australia gave me the same message before the item departed Australia bound for the US. Once it had been scanned by the US Postal Service, I got better info on its whereabouts from the USPS website. There's no VAT here, but I knew nothing about what was going to happen to my neck until it got to the US ;-)

    7 string double bound explorer kit should be very cool. A really unique kit I haven't seen anywhere else ;-)

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    I thought about that kit also. Very cool. Hopefully gets there soon!
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    Thank you both I thought it was pretty unique too and I look forward to starting it. It seems to be moving but I have my girlfriend's bass kit to keep me going for now 😁

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