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Thread: DSt 1 not working

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    Yeah it was all prewired besides the black and orange wire

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    Working fine now, thanks for all the help

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    Got to love Strats for having almost everything already on the pickguard. Even if you're doing it from scratch it's considerably easier ;-)

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    Just a tip for soldering if i may humbly interject,
    its a good idea to "tin" the wires first by twisting the stripped ends and applying solder to them before you solder them onto whatever, and also there is like a thin electroplated type chromed coating on the backs of the pots and sometime other solder lug components that should be scratched off first to get a good solder join, i usually use an old knife or sand it back whatever works especially the backs of the pots, they have like a thin electroplate coating of some sort maybe zinc alloy etc, im no expert forgive my 2 cents input hope this helps someone.
    I always use as much solder as i can i like a proper good solid solder connection i always try to thread the tinned wires through any holes neatly so as much metal to metal contact is obtained and i very carefully strip my wires so as to avoid loosing wire strands also.
    Im no expert however so dont take my word for it just experienced a bit.
    [Correct me if im wrong please]
    Glad you got it going your axe looks really good in your photos if i may say.
    Nice job sir.
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