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Thread: IB5 Oil Finish Question

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    IB5 Oil Finish Question

    Hi All Just received my IB5 bass kit and it looks amazing. I plan to finish it in a satin rubbed oil finish to show off the wood. I have 2 questions please. Firstly, does anyone know the wood species used for the body? Secondly, I want stain it maybe an amber colour however I want to also bring out the grain lines more and not sure how to do this if any one has any suggestions or suggested videos etc. Cheers Steve W

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    The product page lists it as Ash which, TTBOMK, is likely American Ash aka White Ash. FTR it most definitely is not to be confused with Swamp Ash. The Ash supplied in the PBG kits tend to run quite heavy. However a lot of them have reasonable grain patterns. Hopefully you got something that's not made up of too many pieces, and the pieces match reasonably well.

    Ash is a very open pored timber and requires grain filling if you wish to have smooth finish (satin or gloss). There are numerous products available for grain filling nowadays, so pick your poison! If you want to accentuate the grain, you can use a contrasting coloured grain filler before staining.

    This is my TLA-1 (ash tele) that I'm currently refinishing, and I used Ebony Timbermate grain filler followed by alcohol based dye then polyurethane:

    Click image for larger version. 

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