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    Product Reviews

    Hey Folks,

    Been a while, I hope you're all doing well.

    As you may have gathered, I've been taking a back seat and leaving the running of things to the more-than-capable Ben Pettit. We are very lucky to have found him and that he really loves working here.

    One thing that has recently raised my blood pressure, however, is this review site; Australian Product Review, which I'd never heard of, but seems many customers are heading to before purchasing. Pit Bull Guitars has an awful score of 1.8, with just 4 reviews; 3 very negative and one very positive.

    This seems (to me at least) to be wildly mis-representative of Pit Bull Guitars, given we have 99.7% positive feedback on EBay, from almost 4000 reviews.

    Sure, customers get the odd faulty kit, but I think that this is more than compensated by our solid replacement guarantee. I know the feedback I receive by email is overwhelmingly positive.

    I wanted to ask the community if they could take a few minutes to visit the review site and leave an honest review for Pit Bull Guitars.

    I am definitely NOT asking you to leave only a positive review; just honest scores and opinions of your experience with our business, so potential customers can have a more realistic picture of what they should expect. If you had a bad experience, say why it was bad.

    Here's the link




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    sorted - just pending approval

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    Quote Originally Posted by mrpearson View Post
    sorted - just pending approval
    Done also - pending approval.

    I often read reviews when purchasing online and it is very misleading if only a few negatives dominate the feedback in the absence of positive reviews. My four kit purchases from Pitbull have been very positive - hence today's positive review I submitted.


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    Done. Pending Approval.

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    Just did my 2

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    Done, happy to help on this given the amount of enjoyment Iíve had and continue to have building and rebuilding!
    Hand crafting guitars, because Death Rays are expensive.

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    Done. Surprised by the negative reviews.

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    And another satisfied, repeat, customer.
    That negative reviewer was not a first-person reviewer and I always take their views with at the very least a bucket of salt. In my book any decent review site should just junk 3rd party (non-purchaser) reviews and block those people.

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    Hey guys, thanks so much for taking the time to put up a review.... really put a smile on my dial when I saw the review score jump from 1.8 to 3.5 (from 5) today. Keep 'em coming!

    10 Happy Years in 2012!! Look out for a Big Celebration Event in August, to celebrate the Official 10 Year Mark (we started business in August 2012)

    I Freakin' Love You Guys!



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    sounds like band night in your warehouse for us perth folk

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