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Thread: Need some wiring help on EX7 kit

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    Thanks McCreed - Looking again (on a better monitor) I can see that the wiring of the jack is OK.
    While the PBG videos are OKish, but don't make some things as clear as either PBG wiring diagrams or those supplied by the pickup manufacturers - it's so much easier to print out the diagram and tick-off each wire and connection as you go along than it is to keep track of things in a video.

    (It's a shame that SD & D use different colour codes on their pickups, indeed even within one manufacturer there have been variations)

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    Thanks all.

    I was testing resistence on the pots yesterday and the volume pot is not showing 500k across the left and right lugs. I usually get either 0L on my meter, or I get some wild fluctuations. My tone pot shows 489. I ordered some new volume pots and should have them Saturday.

    Going to redo the wiring, as it was....but include a ground wire between the 2 pots to fix the earth issue. Hoping for a good outcome. Will update this post when I know more.

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    Replaced the volume pot, redid all of the wiring today, got the continuous ground working. Zero noise from the amp, volume pot working, (goes to zero). Pickup selector switch is correct.

    Guitar is tuned, action is okay and he's playing.

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    Great result!
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    Here is my final wiring diagram.

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