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Thread: Couple of Questions

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    Couple of Questions

    Hi all, Just wondering if anyone can help me. I just bought my first kit from Pitbull, though I have done other builds with other companies. However, I want to change my order slightly as I didn't realise there were hardware upgrade pacs but before I do I need to know if the upgrade pack for an ES 1G will fit an ES 1F (Which is what I ordered). I also need to know how to change my order before it is sent. I ordered on line last night and to day is sunday so no one is answering the phone.

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    Email them with what you wish to change, the response will be quick

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    Thanks, I will give that a try

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    Not sure what the ES-1G kit is but I would imagine that it has a different body/top. That is, the ES-1F has a Flamed Maple veneered top and the ES-1Q has a Quilted Maple veneered top. The hardware hits are identical. But I could be wrong. Best bet is to confirm with PBG directly - they have fantastic customer service.
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