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Thread: Yet another member from Brisvegas

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    Yet another member from Brisvegas

    Hi Guys,

    By way of introduction, im Gerard ('G'), 57years old (apparently) and I have been playing guitar for over 40years.. and still loving it!
    I have played in hard rock bands in Ireland in the 80's/90s with some chart success and I have been playing in a Brisbane band (MR THUD) for approx 10years with exponentially less success hahah.

    I own a retro (largely analog) recording studio and have recorded our last two albums there.
    I dislike emulators, simulators, quantizers and most things digital (despite being a retired IT director, I try keep computers well away from my music.. well until the mastering and distro phase anyway).
    I play through two ENGL Powerball heads as my stereo rig and have a backline of 8 Marshall 4x12 cabs I just love cranked valve amps, acoustic drums and that hard to find vocalist that doesn't need autotune. Good honest music.. that makes you little deaf... LOL
    I also have some retro rack gear including a much loved ADA MP1.
    My guitars include two RR1s, a 71 Les Paul custom, 82 Ibanez V, and a 78 Greco Explorer among others.
    I totally love music and spend at least some of every day playing with other musos or recording.

    Although not new to guitars, im a beginner in guitar building, so im looking forward to starting my new Pitbull EXA-1 build later this week.

    In anticipation of my first build I did a little research on this forum and many hours on YouTube... so armed with a little knowledge and a lot of shiny new luthiering tools, I think im prepped and ready to make my first mistake! haha..

    So, that's my intro..
    Nice to 'virtually' meet you all


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    Hi and welcome!

    I wish it was in slightly better circumstances, as from your other post I know you've got serious kit problems.

    I used to have an ADA MP-1 bought mid 80s, but really needed to pair it with a nice valve power amp rather than the solid state Marshall 8008 and Alesis Quadraverb it ended up with in its rack.

    Biggest rig I use to have was a Marshall Silver Jubilee 2553 mini-stack, with the smaller footprint enclosure and a couple of Marshall 4x10"cabs. The Jubilee amp was finished in black as a custom order from Marshall as I wanted it to match an existing 4x10" cab.

    I have a very digital home recording setup, but (self-inflicted) hearing damage means that I don't trust myself to mix well these days, so it mainly sits unused.

    Once you get your reply from Pit Bull and decide what steps to take from there, if you do carry on with the kit, then start a build diary and we'll help you as much as we can.

    All the best.

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    Welcome G
    Making the world a better place; one guitar at a time...

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    Welcome to the madness Gerard.

    As well as starting the obligatory build diary hop down to the Inspiration forum and add your story to the "what are your roots" thread.

    It does sound like you have an interesting story to tell

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