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Thread: 2nd Build - 1st pitbull kit - IB-1F

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    2nd Build - 1st pitbull kit - IB-1F

    This is my 2nd go at building a kit guitar.

    It's an IB-1F with black hardware.

    Photos to follow soon.....

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    Hi Maximalis.

    Welcome to the community.
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    Look forward to the pics
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    Welcome Max.
    That kit looks like it holds a lot of potential.
    Making the world a better place; one guitar at a time...

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    Thanks for the welcomes...

    Here come some photos

    1. Unboxing

    2. Checking all the parts are here

    3. Dry fitting to check the alignment

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    Checking for glue on the maple veneer, it looks like there's a spot near the neck PU

    some goof-off and a brass wire brush look to be in my future

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    Well, I thought I'd got all the glue off before I started dyeing.

    The plan is to highlight the grain with black dye, then sand that back before colouring.

    I'll tape off the neck and cavities etc and let the black sit for a day or so.

    I'll spend some more time with the goof-off and wire brush and dye to try and minimize the glue spots

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    I think I'm happy with the black highlighting now. time to sand it all back (carefully)

    half done

    all done lightly

    finished and ready for the colour

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