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Thread: What to do with 20 year old Fender Strat?

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    Quote Originally Posted by madmikedynamite View Post
    Where are you seeing these? Plenty of squiers but not may Fenders here in Brisbane for that sort of money.
    What people are listing MIM Fenders for, and what they are getting for real money are two different things.

    I look at used gear a lot on FBM and Gumtree and I know I wouldn't pay $800-1000 for a used MIM Fender. Used guitars in general are taking a long time to move.
    One of my regular customers that buys & sells guitars (in Brisbane) told he's hasn't been bringing me guitars because nothing's selling. I've told him he's asking too much money for his gear, but he won't listen to me.

    And in the end, a 20 year old MIM Strat is not like it's a vintage instrument, it's just a 20 year old guitar.
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    Five years old is classed as 'vintage' for a lot of eBay sellers!

    I suppose the older you are, the term 'vintage' gets applied to older and older instruments, whilst to younger people, a 20-year old guitar may well appear vintage.

    I know that a true 'vintage' guitar to me would mean something pre-mid '60s, but to many, it may be pre-'80s or even pre-90s.

    In the end, they are all just used instruments of varying quality.

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