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Thread: Time to stop selling Dingotone?

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    Time to stop selling Dingotone?

    I've seen so many builds where Dingotone simply hasn't gone hard and remained sticky that I find it hard to believe that Pit Bull are still promoting it.

    And I've just read a thread where the finish 'turned to treacle' after a few years.

    Promoting a finishing product that has a 50/50 chance of setting hard simply isn't acceptable IMO.

    None of the regulars on here would recommend using it and we now actively try and put people off if they haven't already bought it.

    The idea behind it is great, but the product itself is just too hit-or-miss and ambient condition sensitive. A lot of people end up sanding back and applying Tru-Oil.

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    Thanks for posting that Simon.
    I've tip-toed around the subject, but never came right out and said it for fear of appearing to be unsupportive of PBG or even possibly inflammatory. But I suppose comments I have made (like "wouldn't touch it with a barge pole" "never used it, never will") are less than complimentary just the same.

    I guess now I'll just be open with my opinion and let the chips fall where they may. And that is I agree with you that Pitbull should rethink promoting DT. From a business POV, it's bad for the overall brand.
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    I agree! I finished my bass a month ago and itís still a bit tacky/sticky. Donít know what to do? Would putting an Auto Polish on help? Donít want to sand it and put Tru Oil on in case I take some of the colour off.

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    Sometimes itís just a question of waiting a bit longer, but sometimes it stays that way for months. If you can, Iíd wait up to a month and make a decision then if itís still tacky.

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    Built 7 guitars all finished off with TO but it also has issues to contend with, such as premature ageing and discolouration that looks fine on anything other than blue which ends up green over time.
    I used DT on builds 1 & 2 which turned to crud on the DT top coats and had to resort to something else to get the job done.
    Very fickle product that is susceptible to temperature and humidity conditions.
    Not a fan and could not recommend as it is too hard to get a consistent overall quality finish.

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    I bought DT for my first build, about 7 guitars back. Even the first coats took forever to dry. The colour turned out great though. I was concerned about using the final coat on the neck and body in case it wasn't resilient enough after reading reviews. Someone from here suggested TO to finish with and I never looked back.

    Then I read, I think one of McCreeds posts about using Cabots Exterior Clear. That was the best move I made!
    Last build I actually painted the body...yep it was a scary experiance.. . I used Dulux Duramax clear coat in a spray can. Surprising enough it's as tough as nails and great wearing..

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    So I might be the odd one out, mind you only used once ( Karijini red) and in a tropical climate. I found that up until the final coat it cured quickly and the top coat took a few weeks to dry. Guitar is over five years old now and is used regularly by the young bloke that I gave it too and so far has lost no colour and no deterioration of the finish.

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    Funny you should mention that , Simon, I seem to remember having a lot of trouble getting the Coolangatta Gold finish to "cure" properly while I was working on my Gold Strat build, it never quite hardened properly and turned into a kind-of waxy finish that came off easily, I ended-up scraping it all off and spray-painting the body with some Gold spray-paint I bought from Bunnings.

    It may have been caused by Darwin's humid tropical-zone weather though.
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