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Thread: Update on Backorders for "October/November"

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    Update on Backorders for "October/November"

    As you have probably seen in the news, the global pandemic has severely impacted supply and production in Asia. There are severe shortages on materials and employees, which, along with reduced ship voyages, means that we can expect delays in supply of our kits this holiday season.

    In this closed thread, we will give you regular updates, as we receive them, on the shipment of kits, from our main factory, which we had originally scheduled for arrival in "October/November".

    As at today, November 6, 2021, the vessel carrying our container of goods is due to dock on November 28. Given the usual one week turnaround, the container could be delivered to us on the 6th-8th of December. This means we would ship your backorder in the second week of December and you would most likely have the order in your hands before Christmas.

    If you are waiting on an item that is a Christmas Gift, we would encourage you to have a look for a second option from our DIY Kits in Stock category, for which we have set up a link at the top of our Home Page.

    We thank you for your understanding and patience during these turbulent times. We are hopeful that supply will return to normal next year.



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    Folks, according to the updates we are receiving from our local Shipping Agent, we are still on track for the above timeline

    This could change, but fingers crossed we have the shipment here in the first week of December

    Thanks you all for your understanding and patience



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    I'm afraid there has been a delay in Singapore (massive backlog in Containers looking for ships)

    Now the ship is due to depart Singapore on Thursday (02/10) and arrive in Port on the 8th of December

    So, another week to us and then a few days to a week to get to you

    Thanks for your understanding, patience and continued support during this unprecedented shipping crisis



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    Some good news at last. Our container did get loaded in Singapore and the ship is due to dock in our Port on Thursday.

    This means we will have the kits early next week and we should just make the International cut-off for Christmas shipping

    If you are waiting on a kit for a Christmas gift, please contact us and we will do our best to get it out promptly

    Thank you



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    The Container arrived today and the kits have been unloaded

    We will start shipping backorders tomorrow and continue Thursday through Friday

    Thank you to every one of our amazing customers who were so understanding of the current situation (trouble getting shipments out of Asia), you are awesome

    We did not have ONE Cancellation! Everyone knew what was going on and accepted it, and I did not get one complaint.

    If I don't post again soon, I wish every single one of you reading this the Happiest of Christmases or whatever you are celebrating this time of year. I wish that you and yours are happy, well, content and loving this amazing life

    Bless you all


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