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Thread: Oil Stain under Dingotone

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    Oil Stain under Dingotone

    Hi, just wondering if a clear Dingotone finish can be applied over an oil based stain such as this?


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    Others will know better, but I have only gotten decent results using a gel stain over finish. And then only when the finish has fully gassed off.

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    Thatís a spirit/alcohol based stain, not oil-based. Same pigment base as water-based stain, just a bit more penetrating and shouldn't raise the grain.

    Given a few days for the stain to dry fully, you should be able to use any finish over it, though solvent in the finish is likely to loosen some of the pigment. Not a problem with a single colour, but take care if youíve done a carefully rubbed sunburst or similar.

    Iíve never used it but reading on here, the success rate with Dingotone is pretty low. Quite a few people whoíve tried it wonít use it again as it often never dries. Iíve seen some very good finishes done with it so it can work well, but it is very hit or miss. Iíd always suggest using something else instead.

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    Thanks for the heads up. In that case I'll probably use polyurethane instead

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    Quote Originally Posted by kman42 View Post
    Thanks for the heads up. In that case I'll probably use polyurethane instead
    I hate to post anything negative about any PBG products, as they're a great company and this is a great place. However I will not try DT simply because I have read too many threads by people that have had issues with it.

    I am making the presumption a hand-applied wipe-on finish was part of your motivation for considering the DT.
    If you're now leaning toward poly, I will suggest not paying the price of store-bought wipe-on poly and mixing your own for a fraction of that price. Simply buy the oil based poly of your choice and some mineral turps and thin it to between 50/50 - 60/40 poly/turps.

    Look forward to seeing your project.
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    Thanks for the suggestion. Actually I was referring to Polyurethane in a rattle can from Bunnings - I have used this in the past because it is so easy & straightforward, but I've never been 100% satisfied with the results so was looking into alternative finishes.

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