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Thread: Removing Dingo Tone

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    Removing Dingo Tone

    I used Dingo Tone on my very first kit build. The natural stain colour and final top coats were used on my ash body and maple neck. These came out well and I am happy with them. But the Bondi Blue kit I used on my maple veneer was a disaster. Iíve never really liked it, it still has a slightly tacky feel and the blue is now an olive green.

    Can anyone suggest a way to remove the finish from my guitar top? Iíd like to give it a new colour and try a different finishing product.
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    Iíve just gone through this with one of my earlier builds. DT natural on an ash TL body.
    I ended up using a cabinet scraper where it was sticky to scrape back to a state where sandpaper would take it off. Took forever.
    I tried gum turps, mineral turps, 80 grit and nothing really got it off until after I scraped it back. Once itís sticky or tacky it just gums the paper up after one or two passes.
    good luck with it
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    Removed the butterscotch Dingotone a few weeks back on my Gretsch kit. Fortunately was dry to the touch and 120 grit took it back quite well. Moved up in grit grades until I was happy then reverted to true and trusted PAINT, Can't say I'd use Dingotone again but each to their own. Good luck. FW's advice is probably worth following.

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    I have never used, nor been inclined to use DT, so I can't offer any first-hand experience.
    Frankie's method sounds like the best option and one I would try if I were in your shoes.
    The tricky part will be removing it from the veneer and I wouldn't go at it with P80.

    That said, if things did go horribly wrong with the veneer, at least you have an ash body underneath. Just saw a post this morning from a member that removed the veneer and binding, rounded over the edge and rescued the body (and quite nicely I might add).

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    It may not be in line with your original intention, but it is an out and could give something truly unique.
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