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Thread: Pit Bull Guitars ES-1S, Bega NSW

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    Smile Pit Bull Guitars ES-1S, Bega NSW

    Am building a Pit Bull Guitars ES-1S Electric Guitar Kit (Spalted Maple).
    This is my first kit guitar.
    I have previously build a body for a bass, using an existing electric bass for parts. I've also customised electric guitar body shapes, changed pickups & wiring configurations, and done custom paint jobs on acoustic guitars.
    The kit arrived monday. Might have it finished today (Wednesday)
    Click image for larger version. 

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    Here's the bass I built in 2008, from Sassafras I salvaged from a logging coupe.
    Click image for larger version. 

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    The top on that kit looks amazing!

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    Absolutely the spalted maple top is a stunning piece of timber veneer. I was planning a blue-burst fade, until I saw how awesome it looked.
    I've used "Cabothane Clear" gloss on the top, and tung oil inside the cavities + the back of the neck & fretboard.
    Click image for larger version. 

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    Welcome Tony,
    That is a stunning top you've got on that ES! I'm sure it'll turn out great.
    Cool story on the Sassafras bass, dig the headless look too.

    How did you like using the Caborthane clear? That is a poly-urethane clear spray from bunnings right?

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    Unfortunately there's no Bunnings here, so it's brush painted. Wet sanding with 240 between the first 3 coats, then 400 for the next 3 coats.
    Now I'm hatching a plan to get that output jack in place; there's only the f-hole to reach into the cavity and install the electrics from the inside, upwards. Bit of wire fed from the top, attach to component, then pull!

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    One popular way to go with the electrics install is to cut a piece of cardboard and make holes where the controls go.
    FLIP the cardboard over and load in all the bits. Wire them up as a set.
    Then, feed string or aquarium tubing into the holes in the body, fasten them to the controls (watching which string goes to which control.
    Then, pull the strings to get the controls to the holes.
    (It's reported to work. - haven't gotten that far yet.)

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    That's the way I did it, I used an old pizza box lid... It'll give you an excuse to have pizza for dinner one night. :-)

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    Welcome Tony.

    That spalted maple top is amazing! Good luck with the build.
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