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Thread: Made a purchase - kinda nervous

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    Cool Made a purchase - kinda nervous

    I just pulled the trigger on a SHB-4 HEADLESS ELECTRIC BASS. Its on backorder so hopefully itll be here soonish.
    I havent seen many build on this been done.
    My biggest fear is going to be mounting the bridge.

    Ive built guitars before but this is my first bass and first headless instrument.
    Bass build post will happen one the parts arrive.

    Has anyone built one of these? any suggestions?

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    Hi and welcome.

    Not made one but there have been a few made here. Unfortunately the forum search engine isn't good looking up short model names so not that easy to find them. The Overlord of Music bridge it has is quite crude. The plastic/PTFE washers on the fine tuners often disintegrate quite quickly. I've found a few decent videos on YouTube that explain how to strip them down and lubricate them for better operation. I've also seen those plastic washers replaced with metal ones.

    Locating the bridge is a relatively painless and straightforward process. When the kit comes, start a build diary and when it comes to the bridge mounting, we can guide you through it.

    Good luck with the build!

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