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Thread: SSCM-1F (First Build)

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    SSCM-1F (First Build)

    Hi Guys,

    This is my first build. I'm making lots of mistakes, but I'm patient & learning alot as I go.
    I'm building the SSCM-1F kit.

    I've started putting down my colour scheme (haven't applied clear coat yet) on the weekend I was positioning the pickup rings.

    I noticed the neck connects directly into the pickup cavity & doesn't leave enough room for the pickup rings to sit square.

    If I slide the neck further out/up of the cavity (to make more room for the pickup rings), it leaves a huge gap under the neck & doesn't fit correctly (see last picture).

    Has anyone else experienced this issue & do you have any suggestions on how to address it? I just wanted the pickup rings to sit neatly around the cavity, but the position of the neck doesn't leave enough space to allow this to happen?

    Any ideas or thoughts are welcome & appreciated.

    Many thanks
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    Hi and welcome.

    That neck simply doesn't look like it's the correct one for the body. The body seems to be routed for a 'medium' tenon neck and the neck is a 'short' (i.e. no tenon) neck. I've never seen a LP kit that had the (totally unnecessary) side rout visible before either.

    You only need a bare minimum of edge showing to rest the pickup ring on, just enough to stop the inside of the rout from being visible, 0.5-1.0mm max.

    However I think the main reason you have issues is that the body is routed for P90s, not humbuckers, The routs are narrower and longer and don't have the cut-outs for the humbucker legs (it doesn't help wrong kit identification that the Pit Bull website mixes up pictures of P90 and humbucker routed bodies on what should be just humbucker routed guitars either).

    I'd email Pit Bull and let therm know there's something very wrong with the kit. I'd add a link to this thread.

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    Hi, thanks Simon.

    I'll send an e-mail to pitbull & see what they say/think.


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