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Thread: Ric Bass Kit & Bits

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    Ric Bass Kit & Bits

    I've had this old kit sitting around for too long, & I'm now giving up on it. The neck & pocket need a bit of work to get it right.

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    Awww man, it's a shame you are giving up.

    I have a Suzuki Rickenbacker copy that I got from a hock shop 20+ years ago. The neck pickup needed replacing and I did that recently and rewired it with this schematic: It is now, so versatile. I'm getting awesome sounds out of it.

    I also had to replace the bridge a few years ago as well. The weakness of that bridge's design was that the tailpiece actually bent forward rendering it useless, of course, but the dampening rubber underneath is great - you have to get an accessory for other basses.

    I would buy the bridge, but the replacement I got for it is working just fine now albeit it doesn't look authentic but it's the sound I'm more interested in.

    Also interesting is that the kit is a glue-on neck. My Suzukenbacker (first time I've ever used that term btw and I've had the thing for ages ) is a neck-through-body so it's solid af.

    Anyhow, let me know if you have trouble selling it...

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