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Thread: Soundgear 6-String Bass

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    Going to be picking-up the parcel that contains the new bass strings for my 6-string bass at 4pm this afternoon.


    Picked-up the new strings from the post office, and got to work putting them on my 6-string bass, gave it a good going-over with regards to set-up work and I think I've got it playing the best I can get it, had to set all 6 string-saddles to the correct height-adjustments, then tune each string to pitch, then tweak the intonation for each string, then tweak the truss-rod because there was miles too much neck-relief according to Ibanez setup specs, then I checked the string intonation again, and I think I've pretty much nailed it, the action at the 12th fret is pretty low for a 6-string bass, at about 2mm for all the string, I'm getting very little fret-buzz up and down the neck.

    The low B-string sounds pretty fat, nice sustain on all the strings, the 6-string bass has active bass and treble controls, plus a sweepable mid cut/boost eq, well that's what it sounds like to my ears anyway, the other controls are a master volume, and neck/bridge pickup mix.

    And here it is, all ready to rock:
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