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Thread: FVB-4 Headstock question

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    FVB-4 Headstock question

    The tuner holes are not the same as in picture. Is it a defect or an improvement? I expected symmetrical (1st pic, as advertised) but I could do with this style (2nd pic, mine).
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    I have no idea if it is intentional or not. If it's now standard, Pit Bull should update their kit picture so people know what they are getting.

    Looking at the FVB-4 photo gallery here
    it looks like the headstock style has changed at some point, at least a year ago, possibly to avoid any legal issues (Gibson did get quite aggressive a few years back and although they generally lost their cases, it costs a lot of money to even fight a court case.

    The string path seems almost straight for both arrangements, so there appears to be no benefit there. The tuners are further away from the nut, so strings with a longer fully-wound length shouldn't end up with the fat part of the string wrapped around the post.

    I'd email Pit Bull and see what they say. If I wanted a V-bass, I'd definitely want symmetrical tuners.

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    +1 on all Simon's points. Definitely talk to PB. It also looks narrower to me than the ad pic. Do the A and D tuners fit? They look awfully close if those are full sized tuning machines.

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    My FVB-4 was like this. I cannot remember if that was the original pictures from PB.
    The Y-style tuners are quite tight but do fit.
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