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Thread: First Kit EVER: FVB-4 !!!

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    Cool First Kit EVER: FVB-4 !!!

    Simon from Québec, Canada. Collecting guitars and basses more than playing them, for lack of time or other lame excuses. First guitar bought was a Epiphone Flying V, then continued years later with other fine Epi products (SG Special, G-400, EB-0 bass and Toby Deluxe IV. Strayed from the Epi exclusivity by buying a U-Bass (or bassuke?) and an Ibanez Gio (loved the color!). Wanted to get a Flying V bass but could never find one at a reasonable price, so I decided to make one and ordered my first kit from Pitbull. Glad to have a woodworking shop in my school, I want to carve into the body and maybe headstock. Still undecided on final motif and colors.

    Questions and pictures when I have something to ask or show!


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    Hi and welcome.

    Good luck with your build, don't forget to start a build diary and please ask as many questions as you want.

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    Hi and welcome Simon.
    PitBull Builds: FVB-4, LP-1SS, FBM-1, AG-2 (Runner up GOTM May 2021), TB-4, SSCM-1, TLA-1, TL-1TB, STA-1HT.

    Scratch Builds: Pine Explorer, Axe Bass, Mr Scary (current), Scratchy Thinline (current).

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