So I've ordered an EX-4 bass kit with some customization and I have no idea what I知 doing when it comes to picking out my own control configuration. I値l give some specifics about the project and my own thoughts, but I would love to hear input from people with more technical know-how and first hand experience with this!

The body will have the standard 3 pre-drilled holes for the pots in a straight line and a relatively narrow cavity. I definitely do not want to drill a 4th hole, but I am open to making the cavity larger, if needed.

I am having them route the body for a single musicman pickup and I値l be dropping in a Nordstrand mm4.4 quad coil and rocking it passive. This pickup can get neck, bridge, parallel and series functionality. I知 pretty sure that is all the potential combos (someone please correct me if there are more!), so that takes up one hole for a 4 position rotary switch right off the bat.

For the other two holes these are the options I致e come up with so far:

1) Tone and Volume

2) Stacked v/v and stacked tone/master volume

3) Stacked v/t and stacked v/t

4) Stacked t/t and volume

I would greatly appreciate any and all advice on configurations and even specific pots, capacitors, values and so on!