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Thread: Bridge and tailpiece hole spacing

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    Bridge and tailpiece hole spacing

    I was very excited to receive my GS-7Z kit. Iíve been looking for a new 7 string for years, but havenít been able to find something that fits my particular likes at a price within my budget. Building from a kit seemed to be the answer.

    So I unpacked the kit and started dry fitting parts together, and right away I noticed that the pre-drilled holes for the bridge and tailpiece are too close together for the hardware provided. After aligning everything with strings on, it appears both lower holes were mis-drilled, about half a hole off. I can repair it by plugging the hole with a dowel and re-drilling them, but Iím annoyed that I have to. I mean, I donít work in a guitar factory, but if all I had to do is drill two holes a fixed distance apart, Iím sure I could have done better than this.

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    I agree that is unacceptable, and I'm confident they guys at PBG would also. Email Adam with the pics. They are all about customer service and satisfaction. I am equally confident they would replace the body. Don't know where you're located, but if AUS, things get sorted pretty quickly.

    Look forward to your next post and seeing your build.
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    Unfortunately that seems to happen on quite a few of the kits with stoptails. My GSM-1 had the same issue (well, just the bridge), but I was at final assembly stage when I found out.

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    PBGís response

    It took me a few days to get around to it, but I emailed Pit Bull about it. They responded the same day with apologies. They shipped me a new body and neck (I assume because theyíre a matched set) all the way across the worldís largest ocean to the USA, at their expense. They also promised to test fit a bridge in it before shipping to make sure this one is good, so hopefully there will be no more issues. Yes, excellent service from these guys. I look forward to getting this instrument put together.

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    DHL delivered my replacement body and neck to the wrong house. I swear, basic competence is a thing of the past.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MetalAxeMan View Post
    DHL delivered my replacement body and neck to the wrong house. I swear, basic competence is a thing of the past.
    oh lord!
    It's good to hear PBG responded quickly to fix the problem. It's stories like this that encouraged me to buy a kit from them.

    best of luck with your build mate.

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