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Thread: MBM-1 Custom build

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    Nothing wrong with diluting TO. McCreed's point was that it takes more coats to build up the required thickness if you do.

    As long as there's no real dust issues with the undiluted coats, just roughness, then if it was me, I'd just go an applying it without sanding, as you'll be building up depth which you can sand back to flat at the end.

    However, TO will thicken with age, especially if the bottle has been open a while. So what I'd suggest trying is rather than doing a 50/50 mix regardless, just thin it enough with the mineral spirits until it's easy to apply and doesn't leave obvious lines where you wipe it on. If the mix goes a bit thicker after a few days, add a drop more mineral spirits to try and keep the same consistency. That way you should get the best of both worlds; hopefully no application marks and a quicker build-up.
    Thanks, that make sense. It's true that the TO bottle that I use is a few months old, it may be thicker.

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    14th coat. I think I will go for a satin finish, still need to figure out what is the best way to do it.
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    I didn't make a progress for a while, I worked on two other projects (finished another kit and built a treble booster). But today I finally polished and waxed the body. The finish is far from being perfect, mainly because I didn't work on a clean surface so the body got a couple of scratches and dents, I tried to fixed it but I think I only made it worse . Anyway, as soon as I'll start playing the guitar it will get more worn, so it isn't so terrible.

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