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Thread: Maybe a fake of a fake?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Simon Barden View Post
    If the rewind goes well, then Iíd suggest getting some alnico magnets as well.

    Hereís a documented rebuild of an Artec pickup.

    (Iíve only partially read it so I hope it makes sense)
    Thanx! I just hope I can disassemble that part

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    You must be confusing an open circuit/overload reading with a short/circuit 0 ohms reading. And if there's no circuit, you've got an infinite resistance reading.
    Simon, you are correct! I measured a leftover PBG TL neck pickup today after intentionally snipping the coil wire and it is "O.L." that my DMM displays. A digital "zero" and "O" look the same and apparently all I remembered was the shape! Makes sense now. Thanks.

    I did reattach the coil wire afterward in case I ever need a cheap pickup for someone.
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    I read the thread you linked Simon. I won't be doing that. the whole point of a mudbucker is to be muddy. He's hot rodded it to be "improved" . I did notice however another difference that suggests something dodgy was going on. The pics of his pickup had 4 magnets as stock. Mine seems to be missing a couple! I will probably see about changing the mags, but I don't want to spend more money than it would cost to just buy another one from another vendor.

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    Well, it's wound with the wrong wire, got a different baseplate and different magnets, so it probably isn't an Artec at all.

    You may be better off trying to buy a real one as they aren't that expensive. However the Artec listed Australian distributor's website doesn't exist any more, so finding authorised retailers isn't easy. But if you can find one on Amazon, then at least you can easily return it if it's another fake.

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