I have a JRM-1DC on it's way to me. I've ordered it without the hardware pack, as I usually replace pretty much everything anyway. While it's in transit, I've been doing some research on wrap-around bridges, and it seems there are lots of options.

I'd be grateful for any advice / experience people have had. I'm tempted to keep it simple and go for a one-piece unit such as Realparts' "Historic Compensated Stop Tailpiece" or a Graphtec Sonic 1, but I don't know how much of a problem the lack of intonation adjustment is going to be. Otherwise, the Gotoh 510UB Wraparound Tailpiece has adjustable intonation, gets reasonable reviews, and is OK from a budget perspective.

Some bridges, such as the "lightning bolt" ones are intended to be mounted parallel to the pickup, which I understand was common practice in the 60s, while others are intended for offset studs. That doesn't really matter in this case, as I can put the studs where needed.