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Thread: GJM 1 Issues (wiring, action)

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    Exclamation GJM 1 Issues (wiring, action)

    Hello, can anyone share with me the wiring diagram for GJM1 kit, I cannot find it in guides.

    The other thing is the guitar's action, it's very very high, I was not expecting that from this kit. Has anyone had the same problem? How did you solve it?

    I'm not a complete newbie, second kit from pitbull, this one's giving a hardtime!

    Thanks in advance.

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    I don't know whether they have your solution, but Seymour Duncan has a ton of wiring diagrams, clear and easy to read. Hope you find some answers.

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    I think we might need Weirdbits to weigh in here. I just checked and it looks a lot like a Jaguar classic vibe setup, so a heap of different switching options.

    This is pretty close, but some of the switching is different. If you google Jaguar wiring you might be able to find something a bit closer.

    P90's can be treated as single coils for these purposes. It is kind of complicated, but just break it down into individual links and worth through methodically. It would be worth sharing pics of what you end up with prior to install so we can check for boo-boos.

    In regards to the action, there is always a bit of work involved in setup, have you done your neck relief and adjusted string height at the bridge? It's not uncommon for the kit nuts to be too high as well, but that should be one of the last things you adjust as you creep up on setup.
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    Not sure if I can add much. I havenít built that kit so Iím not certain what value components etc. are supplied and how much of it is pre-wired. Sonic has it right with the Jag layout as the starting point, and this may make some parts a little clearer:
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Jaguar_Standard.jpg 
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    Post some photos of any specific parts or connections youíre unsure of and we can hopefully walk you through it.

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    I'll add the diagram used when I Jaged-up...Jaguar-ified(?) a JMA kit.
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	jaguar_wiring_diagram____JM 91.jpg 
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    One thing to note is the switch plates I used were chromed metal and the plates in your kit are mirrored acrylic. There may be a need to create a ground link between the individual components, a piece of copper shielding tape on the rear face of the switch plates before installing the slide switches, etc may be enough. Each switch plate was then linked to a common ground point in the shielded cavity rout.
    As Sonic and Weirdy have mentioned, put up pics of what you have done, that will help the more knowledgeable ones here help sort out any problems.
    Hope this helps


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    Thanks a lot everyone, I'll put some pics of what I have done, and hopefully to sort this out.
    I have plenty of issues with this kit to be honest, I don't know where to start.
    I think I'll have to create another thread about them.
    Meanwhile the issue are related to action, ridiculously high.

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    I have obviously come to this thread very late but i did a search to see if anyone had built the GJM1 and yours popped up.

    Hope you got your wiring issues sorted out and can share what went on with your process.

    I have been thinking about this as a build for myself for a while and it is presently out of stock.

    How did you go with yours? have you any photos to share?

    thanks mate!!

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    Action on a bolt-on neck guitar can normally all be sorted.

    Pictures will help.

    Have you adjusted the truss rod at all to get the neck almost flat? Excessive bow will give a higher action.

    Are the strings high off the first fret? This height will affect the action over the whole neck, and the kit nuts normally sit pretty high and require either filing at the bottom or the nut slots filing down.

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