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Thread: Hello by Italy! Les Paul project with P90.

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    Hello by Italy! Les Paul project with P90.

    Hi to all.

    Michele Bernini from Italy is writing.

    After years of changing, improving, customizing my guitars, i've decided to try to built a new one.

    My choice is the LP kit with P90.

    The guitar will be the third Les Paul of my "team".

    I own a Gibson LP Gary Moore 2000's, with Shaller locking tuners, dimarzio superdistorsion at the Bridge, Shaller roller bridge and Duesenberg LesTrem 2
    I've also a cheap but not trash Harley Benton SC550 as spare guitar. All the parts disassembled by the GM are now on the Benton and i've done a 50's wiring. The Burstbucker of the Gm is at the neck, and an Evolution is on the Bridge.

    Other guitars an oldest Tamaki '92, my first guitar, that i've re-fret some days ago, and a '93 Lag The Beast superstrat.

    I'm confident that the LP Pitbull will be very good and i've not yet a P90 guitar.

    I'm a bit concerned only about the painting and about give the good shape to the headstock.

    I've a first question. The separated nut that i've found in the box of the guitar, is the bone optional nut, is right?

    Thank you all, have a nice day and stay safe in this difficult times.


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    Welcome and best wishes for your build.
    If you have any questions about kit parts it is best to email their admin - ben(at)

    The plastic nut should be on the neck and needs to be removed.
    The extra nut should be the bone one.

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    Thank you Colin.

    I will change the nut after the finishing of the headstock. I've just done a raw first cut as the classic Gibson shape, i've to finish it.

    Sincerely this is one of the works that more concerned me, cause when i was a kid i've done a lot of little work with wood, including a downhill kart. (a deadly machine!), but it was thirty years ago!

    At first eye the cutted headstock appear me a bit shabby, but seeing now i think is not so bad.

    When it will be finish i edit the photos, step by step.

    I'm sincerely a bit excited. And with Covid's, lockdowns and smart working, i've the time to do it.

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    Welcome Red, building your own guitar is both challenging and rewarding. Take your time and enjoy the build, ask lots of questions if you need to as there will always be someone here who can help.


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    Thank you Rob! The start of the operations with the kit was good! Will see the next!

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