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Thread: For people who have built SHB-4 headless bass -- questions

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    For people who have built SHB-4 headless bass -- questions

    Hello. I am interested in the SHB-4 headless bass. However, I am concerned about the "Overlord of Music" bridge. Has anyone built this and substituted a hipshot headless bridge? I would imagine that it's easy enough if I can ensure that the saddle pieces are in the right spot to keep the scale length the same. Do you think that changing the locking top of the neck would be feasible?

    Does this company allow us to customize the kit at all? I have specific pickups that I want to use.

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    Of course you can customise however you’d like, that’s half the fun with these kits. The Pitbull shop does offer some upgrades, but there are many, many aftermarket places you can get your preferred pickups etc. As to the bridge, the overlord ones do have a pretty terrible reputation so swapping it out is a good idea. I don’t have any specific experience with the one you are looking at, but if it’s the same style then there shouldn’t be any reason it wouldn’t work.

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    To get the action down, is it a good idea to recess the Overlord Bridge to avoid shimming the neck?

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