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Thread: Body only project

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    You can definitely pick up some great Squiers, I think the ones that are about 15 years old or so seemed to be better dimensions and more solid bodies (full thickness) but the necks are all the same. I just didn't have a Fender headstock in my lineup, so I was shopping for brand

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    I avoid the stratosphere just because of their ridiculous international shipping prices. Great selection of parts, but just not economically feasible.

    HereIsJT's suggestion is one I would consider with one exception, I hunt for used Squiers. If you know what to look for there are older models and certain years that were made to Fender dimensions. Also you can pick up a used Squier Bullet cheap as chips (again older models tend to be better quality and some are full thickness bodies). I personally think the older Bullet necks are better than most no-name aftermarket necks out there. The fretwire material is probably the biggest shortcoming, but certainly serviceable and easily replaced if/when needed.

    It's good to hear from others that there is compatibility between the PBG neck pockets and genuine Fender necks. I would have been very sceptical based on my own experience of combining genuine and non-licenced parts manufactures.

    Look forward to seeing which way you go and what your build winds up being!

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    You can definitely pick up some great Squiers,
    You can definitely pick up a brand new Squier Mustang cheaper than buying an aftermarket neck for one.

    cheers, Mark.

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