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Thread: Quilted Maple 7 sttring to 6 string build/Mod (GS-7Q)

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    Quilted Maple 7 sttring to 6 string build/Mod (GS-7Q)

    Hello every one. I'm brand new to guitar building and only somewhat comfortable with maintaining my guitars.
    My plan is to make a 6 string wide nut guitar with a 27" baritone scale length.
    I'll wire the pickups as split coils and volume on a push/pull potentiometer and a kill switch for the bridge pickup, along with universal tone on a second push/pull pot. I haven't decided on Pickups yet, I'll likely put a set of Seynour Duncan Nazgul and sentient in.

    I'd like to do a sort of burst with white stain surrounded by black stain. I want the quilted maple top to pop as much as possible.

    I'm a total novice with little more than a clue about constructing and finishing the guitar, so ANY help will be greatly appreciated.

    I'll add photos of the parts that I have so far, including:

    Individual bridge saddles
    Jin HO Locking Tuners.
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