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Thread: My first build (SV-1)

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    That came together very nicely.

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    Yes, great result. The colour scheme and pick guard go together really well. Well done.
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    Wow, well thanks for all the kind words.

    I'm not normally a fan of green guitars, but I'd be very happy to have one like that.
    Strangely, nor am I! I can't remember ever seeing one that really appealed.

    That polished metal really lifts it. I thought this was heading towards a glam rock look, but the leafy theme works well and is more to my taste.
    And I think that's how I ended up there, trying to really link the rest of the guitar to the the pearl/silvery inlay.

    Very nice. Hope it plays well too!

    Looking at how the strap is adjusted, you must be really tall or you play it slung really low!
    I was a little worried when I first, it didn't really produce any harmonics, but I've played it quite a bit and restrung it now and it seems fantastic. I really like the oil neck. And I'm impressed - yeah, I'm a fraction over 6'4".

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    ...yeah, I'm a fraction over 6'4".
    You're someone I could really look up to .

    Actually, I'd have to... being 5'9"!
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