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Thread: Fretboard on the Multi-Scale kits

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    I agree that a slightly elongated fretboard and a Fender-style concave chamfer would be the easiest thing to incorporate to improve the looks. Changing the fretboard end to be angled isn't a huge job in itself, but it would require a custom-made truss rod cover, which would be difficult and expensive to procure IMO.

    But the other elements still need to be addressed. If the bridge can't be changed either for one with more angle or else slightly longer intonation screws (the baseplate would need to be long enough to accommodate a more forward saddle position) and the bridge set back slightly, then the fret fan angle (and nut angle) would need to be adjusted to be slightly more towards the headstock on the bass side of the neck, to give the extra length required.

    It's not a simple process, but it should have been done properly at the design stage.

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    Just doing the angle to match the nut would do wonders, even if it's longer tbh

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