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Thread: Pete's ES-1TL Build diary

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    Pete's ES-1TL Build diary

    Hi all,

    Did another mock up of my lockdown ES-1TL project as I approach assembly as I begin to learn more about this process through experience I re-check everything and discover new thongs each time.

    Happy with the overall quality and the dingo tone oils have come up nicely, curing in a Melbourne Winter spring has taken a while though.

    The neck and headstock have come up nicely and will attach photos soon.

    I have discovered the scale length at 313mm for nut to 12 which is as expected but the 313mm from 12 to the bridge takes me to the very front at the high E and does not allow for any adjustment at the bridge to set intonation.
    Photo attached.

    I have also attached a photo of the neck heel at the end, is not perfectly square.

    Questions are for the brains trust:

    Is the length not quite enough and needing adjustment?
    Doe this neck being a bit off square matter, would squaring off heel impact anything else (it may raise the fretboard slightly), it may solve by bridge adjustment issue though?
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    Ok first of all, don't bother measuring to the 12th and then to the bridge, just do one overall measurement to the bridge from the inside of the nut. On this kit I believe you are looking for 628mm to the high point of the saddle on the high E. With tune o matics, I usually wind the high E saddle 90%-95% of the way forward as everything else will need adjustment back towards the stop tail. If that measurement is correct, everything else will work. So adjust the neck position until that its right. I'd also recommend attaching the high and low e tuners and running some string to the bridge to ensure the neck is nice and straight.

    In regards to the the heel inside the the pickup cavity, that is normal. So long as the neck is positioned correctly and externally the surfaces match up it'll be fine. That tang on the end of the heel is not a 'precision' piece of engineering and normally it does not end up, pushed right up against the cavity.
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    Yes already checked with tuners and E strings and looked ok

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    Hi Pete
    As Sonic says.

    As an aside, I had a bit of a problem with my ES-1GT. 628mm scale length and set it as Sonic said.

    Later, I was using the ES-1GT as a model for a scratch build and got to comparing it with my Les Paul. I found a difference in the fret spacing for nut to first fret. I then checked the Stewmac fret calculator and found that my Les Paul was correct (as expected) but the kit neck was short on the first fret by just over 2mm.

    I suggest a quick sanity check would be worth it. Measure from the nut to the crown of the first fret and then first fret to second fret. Be precise with this measurement though. Check it against the Stewmac fret calculator.


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