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Thread: Hello from Melbourne Lockdown

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    Hello from Melbourne Lockdown

    Hi there crew
    I am Cransky,
    Beginner diyguitar kit builder,
    Iv been playing Bass/Guitar/Banjo for nearly 15 years now.

    Received my second kit from Pitbull today, currently glued and setting the neck, its providing a much needed distraction right now thank you very very much!

    Iv recently completed the JZ-6 set up as a Bass VI and was really happy with the end result, so I pretty immediately grabbed one of the Gms-7 multiscale.

    Really love the JZ-6 the build was really fun and straightforward, (I was sweating hard drilling the Neck but I/WE both survived.)
    Downside is the fret spacing is to wide for me to play how i'd like and its a tad too low in the frequency spectrum for me,
    Im hoping I'l get the balance of being able to play some bass lines with a low A string on the new GMS-7. Either way it works out having alot of fun with this and once again just wanted to say thank you to Pitbull Guitars!

    Happy Building

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    Welcome Cransky

    First Act ME276 (resurrected curb-side find)
    Scratchie lapsteel
    Custom ST-1 12 String
    Scratch Lapsteel
    Meinl DIY Cajon
    Cigar Box lap steel

    Open D/Standard Double 6 twin neck

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