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Thread: Six String Supplies Strat Set

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    Six String Supplies Strat Set


    I got the 3 x 250k split shaft for Strat set to try out, thanks Adam.

    I haven't fitted them yet, we have a Gig in 2 weeks so I don't want to start pulling my guitar apart when I need it to rehearse.

    They are very obviously out of the CTS factory, I have a pair of 250k split shaft CTS that I got off eBay for a P Bass build to compare them with.

    If you study the pot close enough you will find a small CTS stamp in the metal.

    They both have the brass shaft but the SSS set also has threaded
    brass bushings.

    The thread length on the SSS is much shorter, just enough to mount on a pick guard of control plate.
    The Alloy bushing on the CTS is long enough to fit an extra 2 nuts & it has the locating tab on it so it would better suit an amp build with a faceplate over the front of the chassis.

    The SSS set comes with lock washers to stop them from rotating in the instrument.

    I pulled out the Multimeter & took some readings.

    The SSS set are very close in values, mine measure 243K, 251K & 253K.
    The CTS pair I have measure 211K & 271K so the SSS set have closer tolerances.

    I measured the the vales at 0, 25, 50, 75, & 100% of the rotation & compared them.

    The SSS taper is ever so slightly slower in the first 50% of rotation to the CTS taper but about the same from 75% on.

    The feel of the rotation is slightly firmer on the SSS set.

    The CTS ones can be had off eBay here in Oz for about $11 each delivered.
    Evatco have them for about $7.50 plus freight.
    I can find them for about $5.40 from an electronics wholesaler but I have an account with them & that doesn't include freight.

    I haven't tried to see what it would cost for a set of the SSS pots delivered to Oz, I guess I should.

    I will get a chance to try them in the guitar next month.
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