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Thread: ES1-TL Bridge post spacing

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    ES1-TL Bridge post spacing

    New here, and pretty much new to forums generally so please excuse any bad etiquette ! I'm waiting for an ES1-TL kit (The Grohl-alike 335) Didn't realise quite how long I'd be waiting when I ordered, but sure it'll be worth it :-) I'm going to supply my own hardware, and would like to gather together as much as I can before the kit arrives so I can get straight on to test fitting neck et.c. I wonder if anyone can confirm the bridge post spacing on these kits so I can get a bridge lined up? Or had I better be patient and measure it when it comes, especially as it'll be from a new batch...

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    Hi and welcome.

    There are basically two standards for Tune-O-Matic style bridges, the USA/imperial one and the Asian/metric one. The kits use the Asian/metric one.

    Had you a bridge make in mind? I've got some of the TonePros metric bridges, but also just got one of these for my GSM-1 build, and that's a decent bit of kit, just lacking the locking grub screws of the TonePros (which are modified Gotoh units). That link has a dimension picture which should be correct for the kit. I'd always suggest a Nashville style T-O-M over an ABR-1 style one unless you are trying to be period correct, but then the kits are drilled for post bush inserts (11.5mm hole for 12mm insert diameter inc. the splines), snot screwed posts like an original Gibson ABR-1 (though Gibson now use bush inserts for their ABR bridges).

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