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Thread: Stewmac Screamer: 1st Pedal, 1st pcb

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    That's a nice start for a beginner, where did you buy it? I would also want to buy one of them for my son and let him practice let him assembly it. I remember how I was assembling and programming pcb chips together with my father, still, now I remember how funny and interesting it was to spend time together with him. I hope that my son will also like to spend time with me and when he will become older he will think of me and remember how we spend time together.
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    Well done!! Thatís a bigger circuit than my first one.

    Iím on my fourth now, really enjoying it, I was building guitars but they take up a lot of space so now Iím onto pedals. Iím getting mine from fuzz dog in Uk, really quite impressed with their builds so far

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