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Thread: Frets not seated

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    Frets not seated

    Some of the frets on my maple neck are not properly seated. They are sitting around 0.3mm off the fret board. I can push them in, but they don't stay pushed in. How can I fix this?

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    How are you pushing them in?
    If you have a fret press caul, you can wick a tiny bit of thin CA under the fret (into the fret slot) and press and hold for 30 seconds.
    They should stay seated, unless the slot is completely buggered.

    You can do it without a caul, but that's the easiest that doesn't involved a finger super glued to your fretboard
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    I don't have a fret press caul, but they are $25 on ebay with 3 inserts and a neck rest is $12. Could be worth it.

    Except it will be a 6 week wait for delivery.

    If I get superglue on the maple fret board, I am concerned that the Organoil finish I plan to use will not absorb.

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    I just measured the gap under my frets - the biggest is 0.15mm. I also checked my PBG tele and it has gaps up to 0.1mm under the frets. Should I not worry about these gaps?

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