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Thread: ST-1JR Scale Length

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    ST-1JR Scale Length

    Starting to work through this ST-1JR build with my son, and I notice the scale length on the web site does not match the neck I received. I spent some time panicking that the nut was incorrectly installed. Then I calmed down and ran the numbers on an online scale length calculator and realized that the neck is properly set up for a 576mm scale length, not the 572mm scale length listed on the web site.

    Unless I got a one off, I recommend updating the web site with 576mm to save others from panicking too.

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    How are you measuring the scale length?

    That extra 4mm could be coming from a saddle being too far back (away from neck). Your final bridge position should be determined by the E1 (treble) saddle which is the farthest forward saddle (closest to neck) 99% of the time. There are also other considerations, but the high E saddle is the first step.

    Setting scale length is discussed in numerous threads through out the forum.
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    10 to 1 it's based on measuring to the 12th and then to the bridge. Best always to measure from the inside of the nut to the high E saddle with said saddle most of the way forward.
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