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Thread: Great Guitar Build-off 2020

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    I should have video 3 (the neck) posted within 24 hours. I'm already working on video 4 (the body); hopefully early next week. I am hoping to have it playable about the time I post video 4 then push out the final video (5) with a playing demo.

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    Video 3 is uploading as I type this and should be live in a few minutes. You guys should checkout some of the other contestants. One guy even built a guitar out of old tools.

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    I suffered a setback with my lacquer on the top. It absorbed unevenly into the non-linear grain of the flame top and when I sanded it back to remove the orange peel for polishing I could not sand deep enough without removing some of the color. I had to do a bit of touchup on the dye in a couple very small spots and reapply the lacquer. This time I did it laying flat as opposed to hanging and I really laid it on heavy. I can see it filled in the low spots but it will delay me a few days since it needs to completely cure before trying again.

    Fortunately I have until October 17th to complete my entry.

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    After letting is set for several days to completely cure I sanded back the lacquer on the top and it no longer has any low spots in the non-linear grain and should polish up nicely.

    I did buy a new sander. All I had were hand sanding tools and a 1/2 sheet pad sander which has linear motion and really does not do well on anything except a completely flat surface. It was great for furniture but terrible for curved guitar tops. I got a 5 inch orbital palm sander which works way better.

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    I got the body buffed as good as my buffer can do. I need a bench mounted buffer with a couple different size wheels. My 10 inch orbital is only so good; I could get an even better shine if I could navigate curves better and maintain a slightly higher speed.

    I also glued in the neck so assembly will begin tomorrow.

    I will post a couple photos as soon as I get a chance. Plus I am starting video 4.

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    Body; front and back
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    It's alive and makes noise.

    I have to set the intonation then clean it for a final set of photos, but I'm done with 2 weeks to spare. I do not have an intonation meter but I downloaded an app and will try using my phone. If that fails I'll take it to my local music store and have them do it.

    I am working on video 4, the body, then I'll start on the demo video. I play like crap but I can at least do enough to give you an idea of how it sounds.

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    I do not have an intonation meter...
    You mean a guitar tuner?

    A TC Electronic Polytune 2 will tune within 0.1 cents (that's 1/1000 of a semitone) and there are other pedal tuners available that will get close to that. Even older tuners that are as much as 1 cent (1/100 of a semitone) will be within acceptable range as human perception is greater than that (5-6 cents).

    I use Peterson StroboPLUS HD for setting intonation (0.1 cent) but it is also more than just a basic guitar tuner as is has other functions as well as "sweetened" tunings.
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    I tune by ear and have been doing it since like 1985. Until I bought kits all guitars I've ever owned were factory and if I ever had an intonation issue I took it in to a tech. Not a guy at a chain store but an actual tech. I never needed a tuner.

    The app I downloaded seemed OK and has a strobe mode. It's set really close now but I'm letting it sit overnight after stretching the strings.

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